TURKISH DELISH for a MODERN Palate Since 1987



Duran Selvi
Chef & Director


We all know that Turkish food is one of the most varied and, of course, delicious cuisines in the world. But where did it come from? Turkish cuisine is a direct descendant of Anatolian cuisine, which in turn comes from Central Asia, the Middle East, and the Balkans. And within Turkish cuisine, there is a wonderful diversity of regional specialties. The Aegean region, which includes Istanbul, is savory, with lots of rice and seafood. The Black Sea region, where the cuisine in heavily influenced by Slavic cuisine, specializes in fish and is famous for hamsi, those delightful Black Sea anchovies. Finally, in the southeast of Turkey, we get the most famous of all Turkish foods, the kebab, as well as Turkish desserts, such as baklava and kadayif.

Turkey’s location where east meets west, along with its unique history and culture has resulted in an authentic cuisine that has been refined by centuries of experience. Anatolian Grill has captured this essence within there exceptional menu featuring delicious specialities, achieved by using only the freshest and finest ingredients and enhanced with traditional cooking methods.




Eric Ugur Kayan
General Manager & Sommelier

Andy Ferguson
Bar Manager & Sommelier